Barrel Sauna Maintenance

Barrel Sauna Maintenance

Barrel saunas need minimal maintenance, but you should take some time to clean them after each use. You should place a damp cloth on the benches, wipe them with warm water, and vacuum or sweep them to remove dust and debris. You should also check the stones to make sure they are not cracked, and rinse them thoroughly before reusing them in the heater cavity. You should also wash the wooden benches occasionally using a low-pressure washer to remove grime and mildew, and wipe them dry before storing them.

If your barrel sauna is outside, you should check for signs of water seepage. Tighten the bands and add extra staves as needed. Backcountry Recreation uses beautiful, functional wood in its barrel saunas. When cleaning the exterior of your sauna, make sure to pressure wash it with a mild cleaning solution to remove mildew and debris. You can also use a UV inhibitor stain to protect the wood's finish from fading.

After cleaning, you can apply a stain to the exterior of your barrel sauna. Remember to never apply anything to the interior of the sauna. For best results, choose a stain with UV protection. Your home improvement store can recommend the best option for your region. You should plan to re-stain your barrel sauna once a year. Depending on the weather, you may need to do this more often. This can add to the cost of maintenance.

Another thing you need to do for regular barrel sauna maintenance is remove the glass globe from the wall mounted light. This glass globe is vapor-proof. It is secured with a rubber gasket to keep moisture from entering the light fixture. To remove the glass globe, grasp the aluminum base with one hand while turning the knob on the glass globe with the other. When removing the glass globe, be careful not to snap the aluminum base or tear it off the wall.

During winter, you can place your barrel sauna outdoors to enjoy the outdoors. The wood will change color as it dries and exposure to sunlight. During this time, you can also use it indoors, but you should always make sure to keep it dry. If you use it outdoors, you should cover it with a tarp to avoid moisture from getting inside. In addition to sealing the outside of the barrel, you should also periodically check the lighting in the barrel sauna.

During the summer, you should also regularly check for leaks. Then, you should apply a UV-protective stain every two to five years. If the wood is still unstained, you can sand it. If the wooden interior is stained, you can use a UV inhibitor stain. This is necessary to prevent water from penetrating the barrel. In addition, you should keep the bands tight and clean the barrel with a mild cleaning solution.

When it comes to cleaning, you should regularly check the wood for moisture and mold. You can use a wood-penetrating oil to maintain the wood. It will alter the color of the wood, but it will be safe for use in your barrel sauna. You can also stain the interior of the barrel sauna with a UV inhibitor. While it is not a necessity, it can extend the life of your barrel sauna. A few simple steps can ensure that your sauna stays safe and functional for years to come.

If you have a barrel sauna, you should consider putting it in the outdoors for several months each year. The wood will change color in the summer months due to exposure to sunlight and moisture. During this time, it is advisable to clean the wood thoroughly. If the wood is stained, it will last for years. If you want to protect the wood, it is recommended to stain it with a UV-protector stain.

The wood of a barrel sauna is vapor-proof. It should be stained every two to five years to prevent fading. If the wood is exposed to the elements, you should consider painting it every few months. You can even place it outdoors for a few months, but the wood will change color due to the exposure to sun. You should also check the hinges and handles on a regular basis to prevent the sauna from rusting.


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