Is Sauna Good For Your Health?

Is Sauna Good For Your Health?

Research into the benefits of saunas is booming. Though they used to be controversial, medical studies now show that regular sauna usage can help ease and prevent several common ailments. In Finland, where it originated, a typical sauna is a room that can reach up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The purpose of this room is to relax the body by spending brief periods in steamy, hot temperatures. Depending on the sauna, the temperature can range from 80degF to 103degF.

While many people believe that the sauna will improve their health, they should remember that the toxins that are released through sweat will be reabsorbed in the intestines, making them susceptible to cardiovascular disease. The best way to combat this is to avoid heavy meals before going into the sauna. While a large meal might be a good idea, adding fiber to your diet will help to flush out those toxins. Besides drinking more water, you should also eat a lot of fruits and vegetables before entering the sauna.

A recent study followed 37 participants and concluded that traditional sauna use reduces back pain by up to 80 percent. The researchers also found that 70% of participants reported positive results. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Orthopedics and Rehabilitation concluded that a drop in body temperature signals the brain to produce sleep hormones. This process is crucial for a restful night's sleep. In addition to reducing mental stimulation, sauna use reduces the amount of fluid surrounding the joints that cause inflammation.

It also helps to relieve pain. The body produces endorphins, which help the body's natural healing process. Regular use of a sauna can help you relax your muscles and improve your overall performance. Some people even find that they feel less sore after performing strenuous activities. Aside from the physical benefits, regular sauna use can improve the strength of your muscles, which improves your flexibility. It's also a great way to socialize with friends.

Another reason to use a sauna is to reduce stress. The stress of work and other pressures can lead to insomnia, so it's important to take time out of your day to relax in the sauna. A good way to do this is to set a timer to track your heart rate and blood pressure before and after your sauna sessions. If you feel a change in your heart rate, it's a good idea to take a break before going to bed.

The benefits of a sauna are countless. The increased heart rate and blood pressure will help you feel relaxed. The increased sweating also produces endorphins, which will make you feel happier. If you're looking for a more holistic approach to your health, a sauna might be the best option. But before you decide to try a sauna, you should consult a doctor. They can recommend a suitable unit for you.


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