What is Hybrid Sauna?

What is Hybrid Sauna?

A hybrid sauna is a combination of a traditional sauna and an electric sauna. This type of sauna can be used for exercise and relaxation. These saunas have both infrared and electric heating elements. They provide the highest therapeutic level for the user. A hybrid model is constructed using FSC(tm) grade "A" Western Red Cedar. Its oversized wood planks ensure durability and longevity. They also have the necessary steps to reduce radiation levels.

One of the most popular types of hybrid saunas is the United model, which combines an infrared heating system with a traditional sauna. A digital control panel controls the temperature of the infrared panels, while a Harvia 6.0kW electric heater provides the heat needed for a traditional sauna. Users can relax in the seated position against contoured backrests and sprinkle water on the hot stones. A hybrid sauna's components are made to withstand moisture and are available in a variety of styles. This type of model is made of clear red cedar, which gives it a very sophisticated look. Its exterior stain is walnut, giving it a classic feel.

The United sauna is a great option for those who want a hybrid sauna. The Nature 6 model features nine Ultra Full Spectrum Heaters, which are stronger than infrared heaters and offer a higher heat output. The Nature 6 series of saunas features a Rapid Internal Heating System, which heats the sauna faster than most competitors. A 3D Heat Therapy system keeps the sauna well insulated and allows it to maintain a consistent temperature.

The United sauna is a hybrid sauna that offers the best of both worlds. It features a combination of an infrared heating system and a traditional sauna. It offers a dual-heating system, which is ideal for people with sensitive skin. The infrared panel in the United sauna allows for the temperature to be controlled by a digital control panel. The traditional sauna uses a 6.0kW electric heater, which can reach temperatures of 195 degrees Fahrenheit. A hybrid model incorporates both types of heating into one, making it the perfect choice for multiple users.

A hybrid sauna combines the benefits of a traditional sauna with the benefits of an infrared heating panel. The combination of infrared heating panels allows for the ultimate experience for the user. The 6.5kW electric heater helps to control the temperature in the traditional sauna. The temperature inside can reach 195 degrees Fahrenheit. Infrared panels are combined with a traditional sauna. A traditional sauna is a relaxing experience, with hot stones to help you relax and soothe your muscles.

A hybrid sauna combines the advantages of a traditional Finnish sauna with the benefits of an infrared sauna. Both types of heating systems are capable of providing the healthiest atmosphere. An infrared sauna does not cause post-sweating, so it can be used after a day at work. A hybrid sauna is also suitable for large groups and families. It can accommodate four people or more. You can choose between a peak-like roof or a sloped roof.


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