Top 10 Best Saunas in the World for Ultimate Relaxation


Saunas are sanctuaries for relaxation and rejuvenation, with origins tracing back thousands of years. While Finland stands as the ancestral home of sauna culture, the soothing heat of saunas, steam rooms, and thermal baths now beckons people worldwide.

Read on to learn about the 10 best saunas in the world. We explore traditions, customs, and etiquette while revealing architectural marvels that demonstrate saunas as works of art.


best saunas in the world

What is a Sauna?

A sauna is a space designed for heat sessions that can be either dry or humid, promoting relaxation and sweating for therapeutic benefits. Originating from Finland, the traditional Finnish sauna involves a wood-lined room heated by a stove, with sauna rocks on top that release heat into the surrounding area.

Users often pour water over these hot stones to increase humidity and enhance the sauna experience. Saunas are celebrated worldwide for their health benefits, including improved circulation, muscle relaxation, and detoxification through perspiration.


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10 Best Saunas in the World

The quest for relaxation and rejuvenation leads many to explore the ancient tradition of saunas. From the steamy heat of traditional Finnish saunas to modern interpretations nestled in stunning landscapes, the world offers a diverse array of sanctuaries.

Here, we reveal the top 10 best saunas around the globe, each promising a unique blend of warmth, wellness, and architectural beauty.

1. Löyly Sauna, Finland

Situated in Helsinki, Löyly brings the essence of Finnish sauna culture to life. With its modern design using local wood, this public sauna complex sits on the edge of the Baltic Sea. It offers a traditional Finnish sauna, a smoke sauna, and a wood-fired sauna, providing an authentic experience with stunning sea views.

2. Grotto Sauna, Canada

Perched on the shores of Lake Huron, the Grotto Sauna is a private marvel of design. Carved from the Precambrian Shield and using cedar, this sauna offers a tranquil retreat. With its stunning views through floor-to-ceiling glass walls, bathers can relax in a sauna and steam room that artfully blends with nature.

3. Rukan Salonki Ice Sauna, Finland

For those seeking an exotic experience, the Ice Sauna at Rukan Salonki offers a unique contrast of fire and ice. Situated in the winter wonderland of Finland, this sauna allows guests to enjoy the warmth of the sauna, followed by a refreshing dip in an ice-cold lake, under the mesmerizing glow of the Northern Lights.

4. Arctic Bath, Sweden

Floating on the Lule River in Swedish Lapland, Arctic Bath is a floating sauna and hotel. This architectural wonder offers a cold bath surrounded by a hot sauna, where guests can soak in the Nordic tradition amidst stunning views of the surrounding nature, potentially illuminated by the Northern Lights.

5. Vulkana Spa Boat, Norway

In Tromsø, Norway, the Vulkana Spa Boat transforms a traditional fishing vessel into a luxurious spa. Featuring a Finnish sauna with panoramic windows, a steam room, and an outdoor hot tub, guests can enjoy unparalleled views of the Arctic scenery, making it an ideal spot for relaxation after a day of skiing or Northern Lights hunting.

6. Schwarzwaldbad Sauna, Germany

Nestled in the Black Forest, the Schwarzwaldbad Sauna offers a blend of traditional and modern sauna experiences. With various saunas, including a fire sauna and a steam room, guests can immerse themselves in a wellness journey surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the forest.

7. Aqua Dome, Austria

Located in the heart of the Ötztal Alps, the Aqua Dome is a futuristic thermal resort that offers an array of saunas and steam rooms. The outdoor saunas provide breathtaking views of the Alps, while the indoor spa area includes a unique ice fountain for cooling down.

8. Sauna Hermanni, Finland

Sauna Hermanni stands as a beacon of traditional Finnish sauna culture in the heart of Helsinki. This communal sauna space offers a genuine Finnish sauna experience, where locals and tourists alike can gather to relax and enjoy the communal atmosphere.

9. Snow Sauna, Levi, Finland

The Snow Sauna in Levi offers an extraordinary sauna experience, where the room is carved entirely out of snow and ice. This creates a serene, muted atmosphere that is both cool and warm, providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience to soothe the body and mind.

10. SALT, Norway

SALT, located on the Arctic shores of Norway, brings an artistic twist to the traditional sauna experience. Its large wood-fired saunas, situated next to the cold waters of the Arctic, host a variety of cultural events, from concerts to art exhibitions, creating a dynamic space for relaxation and cultural enrichment.

These saunas, from the heart of Finland to the icy waters of Norway, offer a sanctuary for those seeking to unwind. Whether you're enveloped in the steam of a traditional smoke sauna or gazing at the Northern Lights from a glass-walled grotto, these destinations promise a rejuvenating escape that combines the warmth of the sauna with the breathtaking beauty of nature.


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Sauna Etiquette Around the World

Sauna etiquette varies significantly across different cultures, reflecting local traditions, social norms, and sauna historical practices. Understanding these customs can enrich your sauna experience and help you navigate the diverse sauna landscapes with ease.


In Finland, the birthplace of the traditional sauna, etiquette emphasizes respect, quietness, and cleanliness. It's common to shower before entering the sauna, and nudity is the norm in gender-separated saunas.

The Finnish also practice löyly, where water is gently thrown onto the hot sauna stones to increase humidity. Conversations are typically kept at a low volume, respecting the space as a place for relaxation and meditation.

Sweden and Norway

In Sweden and Norway, similar rules apply, with a strong focus on communal respect and hygiene. Public saunas might allow swimsuits, but private saunas often adhere to the tradition of nudity.

The Swedish and Norwegian sauna experiences are often combined with a dip in a cold lake or a snow angel session in the winter, embracing the contrast between extreme heat and cold.


In Germany, the sauna culture is part of a broader wellness lifestyle known as "Saunakultur." Saunas are mixed-gender, and nudity is not only encouraged but often required, as it's considered more hygienic.

The Aufguss session is a unique aspect, where a sauna master disperses essential oils into the air, enhancing the sauna experience with aromatherapy.


In Japan, the sauna culture intertwines with the traditional onsen (hot springs) bathing practices. While onsens are primarily for soaking, many facilities include a dry sauna.

Bathing suits are not permitted, and guests are expected to sit on a small towel for hygiene. The emphasis is on silence and personal space, with minimal interaction between bathers.


In Russia, the "banya" culture has its own set of traditions. It's common to use venik, a bundle of leafy branches, to gently slap the skin, stimulating circulation. The Russian banya experience is often communal and can be accompanied by traditional foods and beverages, including tea and kvass, a fermented rye drink.


In Turkey, the hammam or Turkish bath integrates aspects of both a steam bath and a sauna. Bathing suits are typically worn, and the experience includes a body scrub and massage by an attendant. The hammam is a place of social gathering, with a more interactive atmosphere than its Nordic counterparts.


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Architectural Marvels of Sauna Design

The design of a sauna can significantly enhance the bathing experience, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. Architects and designers around the world have created saunas that are not just spaces for sweating but are also works of art, deeply integrated with their surroundings.

The Grotto Sauna in Ontario, Canada

The Grotto Sauna is a prime example of how architecture can transform the sauna experience.

Carved into the Precambrian Shield and perched on the edge of a lake, this freestanding wooden structure uses its unique location to create a serene retreat. Its custom-built form and precise angular cuts maximize the stunning views of the natural landscape while providing a warm, intimate interior.

Löyly, in Helsinki, Finland

The Löyly breaks away from the traditional small-scale sauna design to offer a communal sauna experience within a sculptural wood-clad building. Its undulating wooden facade not only blends with the coastal landscape but also provides secluded terraces for bathers to cool down.

The use of sustainable materials and design principles reflects Finland's deep connection to nature and sauna culture.

The Koi Sauna at Therme Erding, Germany

The Koi Sauna showcases how thematic design can create an immersive environment. Featuring a large aquarium within the sauna room, bathers can relax while watching koi fish swim, creating a tranquil and meditative atmosphere that contrasts with the heat of the sauna.

The SALT Sauna in Arctic Norway

The SALT Sauna is part of a nomadic art project located on the beachfront of the Arctic Circle. This sauna's pyramid-like structure, made from timber, pays homage to traditional Arctic fish racks. Its design is not only visually striking but also portable, intended to be moved to different locations, making it a unique blend of art, culture, and wellness.

Sauna R, Located in The Archipelago of Gothenburg, Sweden

The Sauna R is another example of where modern design meets nature. This private sauna, with its minimalist design, clean lines, and panoramic windows, offers a peaceful retreat that emphasizes simplicity and harmony with the surrounding landscape.


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Unique Sauna Experiences for Adventure Seekers

For those looking to combine their love for adventure with the relaxation of sauna bathing, the world offers some truly unique experiences that go beyond the traditional settings.

The Vulkana Spa Boat in Tromsø, Norway

The Vulkana Spa Boat transforms a historic fishing vessel into a floating wellness retreat. Equipped with a Finnish sauna and a steam bath, the boat allows guests to soak in the dramatic Arctic landscape, including fjords and the Northern Lights, from the warmth of its deck.

The Aurora Dome in Finnish Lapland 

The Aurora Dome offers a one-of-a-kind sauna experience where you can gaze at the Northern Lights through its transparent walls. This igloo-shaped dome provides a cozy yet adventurous setting for enjoying the natural spectacle in the sky while relaxing in the heat.

The Floating Sauna Lake Saimaa in Finland 

The Floating Sauna Lake Saimaa takes the sauna experience to the water. This sauna is built on a raft, allowing bathers to enjoy the gentle rocking of the waves while heating up, followed by a refreshing plunge into the lake.

The Snow Sauna at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

The Snow Sauna offers an extraordinary contrast to the traditional sauna experience. Carved out of snow, this sauna surrounds you with ice while keeping the interior warm and cozy. It's a surreal experience that combines the elements of fire and ice in the most literal sense.

The Treehouse Sauna in Northern Sweden

The Treehouse Sauna part of the Treehotel complex, elevates the sauna experience, quite literally. Built high up in the trees, this sauna offers a bird's-eye view of the surrounding forest, making it a perfect retreat for nature lovers seeking solitude and relaxation amidst the treetops.


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In Summary

And there you have it! We have outlined the most beautiful saunas in the world. Saunas remain sanctuaries for wellbeing across the globe, continuing traditions thousands of years old while embracing innovation.

As launchpads for adventure or havens for potential health benefits, such places inspire the senses as cradles of community. While customs vary, common threads bind global sauna cultures in the shared language of heat, rejuvenation, and reflection. 



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